Roy Revelt

§ Roy Revelt

director of Codsen Ltd

Roy is a well-rounded software engineer, mainly working with JavaScript and mainly on the front-end.

He specialises in enterprise-level Email front-end and is well-versed in modern JS-ecosystem web development (SSR, React, Redux, RTL, Styled Components, Storybook etc.).

His JavaScript open-source programs are downloaded ~1.5 million times opens in a new tab per month (September 2020 data).

Roy has BSc in Math with teacher's diploma (Vilnius, 2006), MSc in Informatics (Vilnius, 2008, thesis project in PHP) and MA in Postproduction (York, 2010, thesis project in Python).

Before establishing Codsen, he worked at Jigsaw24, UK's leading purveyors of Apple, at ESP Responsys (now part of Oracle), and agency-side.

Roy is a British citizen since 2017.