Collapse the leading and trailing whitespace of a string

Quick Take

import { strict as assert } from "assert";
import { collWhitespace } from "string-collapse-leading-whitespace";

// if leading/trailing whitespace doesn't contain \n, collapse to a single space
assert.equal(collWhitespace("  aaa   "), " aaa ");

// otherwise, collapse to a single \n (default setting)
  collWhitespace("     \n\n   aaa  \n\n\n    "),

// does nothing to trimmed strings:
assert.equal(collWhitespace("aaa"), "aaa");

// if there are multiple lines string is still processed in trim-fashion -
// only beginning and ending whitespace is changed:
  collWhitespace("  abc  \n  def  \n  ghi  "),
  " abc  \n  def  \n  ghi "


This program is aimed to process strings before concatenating them. It collapses the leading and trailing whitespace, if any, so that later the result looks reasonable.

For example, ranges-push uses it to merge to-be-inserted chunks of string.


collWhitespace(str, [lineBreakLimit])

In other words, it's a function which takes two input arguments, second one being optional (marked by square brackets).

API - Input

Input argument Type Obligatory? Default Description
str String yes undefined Source string to work on
lineBreakLimit Natural number or zero no 1 If whitespace contains linebreaks, it will be replaced by those linebreaks, count limited to this value

If first input argument is not a string, it will be just returned back, untouched. If second input argument is zero or falsy or not a number, it will be set to 1 and application will continue as normal.

API - Output

String of zero or more characters. If input was not a string, same input will be returned back, without an error.


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MIT opens in a new tab

Copyright © 2010–2021 Roy Revelt and other contributors

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