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test is-language-code program online test is-language-code program online
📦 is-language-code 3.1.0
Is given string a language code (as per IANA)
test is-media-descriptor program online test is-media-descriptor program online
📦 is-media-descriptor 3.2.0
Is given string a valid media descriptor (including media query)?
test json-variables program online test json-variables program online
📦 json-variables 10.1.0
Resolves custom-marked, cross-referenced paths in parsed JSON
test string-apostrophes program online test string-apostrophes program online
📦 string-apostrophes 1.5.0
Comprehensive, HTML-entities-aware tool to typographically-correct the apostrophes and single/double quotes
test string-collapse-white-space program online test string-collapse-white-space program online
📦 string-collapse-white-space 9.1.0
Replace chunks of whitespace with a single spaces
test string-fix-broken-named-entities program online test string-fix-broken-named-entities program online
📦 string-fix-broken-named-entities 5.4.0
Finds and fixes common and not so common broken named HTML entities, returns ranges array of fixes
test string-remove-widows program online test string-remove-widows program online
📦 string-remove-widows 2.1.0
Helps to prevent widow words in a text